Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh, Hello!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm a newb to this but it seems fairly straight forward. Artful Nonsense will basically be the spot where I post my most recent graphcial workings, so check back every so often for the latest. I won't even try to commit to a schedule yet, but at least this way it'll be more of a surprise!

This first piece is a book cover for Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", which I did for one of my illustration classes at OCAd. I've been hooked on HBO's series "Rome" so I had to do something with all the images of footsoldiers, centurions, and basic Roman-coolness floating aorund my brain. I plan on doing some more Roman pieces in the future.

JT out


Patrick O'Keefe said...

hey buddy, good looking, by the way i jacked your steez on the black, looks much moe pro, is it just me or is there no work on perkins site?
easy killa

Ms.Maggie said...

i'm so glad you did this. now i can see all your work. at least more of it then i use to.

Dad said...

Great stuff! What's a blog?

Mrs. Godma Lang said...

Wauser Youser...

You da blog man. You da good draw man. You go Jamie man.
Carpe Diem man ... I like that Caesar stuff ... you da good draw and show man!