Thursday, April 20, 2006

Put 'cha dukes up!

Figured I'd post another one before I leave for Germany, so here are a few pics of my final project for the illustration class. We had to create something three dimensional for a change without a whole lot of guidelines to follow. I made a boxing kangaroo USB hub. There are three USB ports in the kangaroo's pouch, and his tail is the USB cord that would connect to your computer, so it's something you'd plug into one of your computer's existing ports to give you an extra two USB slots. It's just a prototype, so it doesn't actually work, but I've been annoyed on many occasions at either the lack of USB slots on computers, or the inconvenient positioning of such ports. That's where the idea came from. After I sketched out the design I molded him out of Super Sculpey, painted him with acrylics and voila! Thanks to my wonderful aunt Sheila for the tripod that made these spec photos possible!

JT out.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Here we have a gouache painting of a Greek Hoplite soldier for my main illustration class. First time I've dabbled with gouache paint, like how it turned out. I'm now officially done school for the year, great I've just gotta find a way to be productive this summer.

JT out.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dreadlock Samurai

I had a project for my Think Tank class where we had to create a display that showcased the opinions of a person whose voice isn't normally heard in society (i.e. janitor, security guard, stripper, etc.). My group chose to work with a chef, who was also a friend of one of our groupmates. Really cool guy named Mark Lanoue, covered in tattoos with long dreads hangin from his noggin. For our display, each group member created their own portrait of Mark, and hung them all from a long canvas with a piece of graffitti Mark had drawn out on it. This is the portrait I did of him, done to make him look like a samurai in the traditional Japanese painting-style. His sketch book was full of Japanese themes, so I thought he'd be pleased if gave my version this type of treatment. Hope you like.

JT out.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Here are a few panels from an 11 panel story for my Sequential Narrative class. It's my interpretation of the Japanese myth "Kintaro" or Golden Boy. None of the text was integrated into the panels, I set the whole thing up like a poster with the story playing out on the left hand side of the page, but these are how the illustrations look in the final product. The story is about a mountain ogress that gets impregnated by a clap of lightning sent from a Dragon. She raises the boy in the forest and finds out he possesses incredible strength. As a young man he clears the forest of all monsters and brings peace to the land. Reminds me of myself.

JT out.