Thursday, April 20, 2006

Put 'cha dukes up!

Figured I'd post another one before I leave for Germany, so here are a few pics of my final project for the illustration class. We had to create something three dimensional for a change without a whole lot of guidelines to follow. I made a boxing kangaroo USB hub. There are three USB ports in the kangaroo's pouch, and his tail is the USB cord that would connect to your computer, so it's something you'd plug into one of your computer's existing ports to give you an extra two USB slots. It's just a prototype, so it doesn't actually work, but I've been annoyed on many occasions at either the lack of USB slots on computers, or the inconvenient positioning of such ports. That's where the idea came from. After I sketched out the design I molded him out of Super Sculpey, painted him with acrylics and voila! Thanks to my wonderful aunt Sheila for the tripod that made these spec photos possible!

JT out.


Anonymous said...

hilarious....and just plain brilliant

Anonymous said...

I saw this when I was in yer room and then I was amazed by it. I was in yer room..... I read yer comics...I rested my big head on your bed....I ate your scared....I also touched Boba Fett when you were in the washroom......Mwah hahaahaahahahah

Anonymous said...

matt, your crazy.