Monday, January 22, 2007

Les Chiens Chaud

My good friend Adam Zelikovitz asked me to design a logo for his intramural hockey team Les Chiens Chaud out in Halifax at Dalhousie, so I gladly agreed to lend a helping hand. Bravo boys for coming up with the funniest team name I've ever heard!

JT out.


Bjoern Arthurs said...

the scar on the hot dogs face is gold! I just updated my blog for the first time in probably over a year - lol. but yo - wheres your thesis work?? you're holding out on me!

James Tuer said...

haha, glad you like it bro. Yeah, I'm waiting until all my thesis pieces are in their final stage before I post them here. Gonna be a massive post though, I'll let you know about it when they're up.

Bjoern Arthurs said...

good stuff