Sunday, March 19, 2006

Totalling 8

I present the final two snowboard designs; they were the last boards I created of the bunch, and it's probably due to that fact that they are also my favourite. The first is strictly digital (Adobe Illustrator) and the second more physical, with photos, sketches, painting and texture all slapped together in photoshop. I was inspired to do the first one while staring at the stiching on the cuff of one of my sweaters during my lecture course, thought I could do something with the pattern it made. And the second - well, the whole time I've been working on these boards I've wanted to do a Samurai/Japanese one, so this is my final rendition of that idea. I'd be very interested to find out what are your favourites are of the eight, so feel free to post in the comments. Until next time, take 'er ease.

JT out.

P.S. Hi MZ!


Anonymous said...

here are my top three: samurai, drowning man, and stich pattern.
you should keep working on more designs. i'm curious how far you can take it before they stop getting better.

ps. hi jt

Bjoern Arthurs said...

niice.. my favorite is DEFINETLY hands down the samurai.. after that i really like your third one with all the type. so for this contest you only design the bottoms of the boards?? wuts up with that!? hehe just playing.. kind of.


Anonymous said...

Great work. I love the last two. Your inspiration for Stitches made me laugh. Glad to know your lectures are inspiring you.

Why only 8? (Just kidding.) (Sort of.)

Anonymous said...

Stitching takes the cake,....but something inside me wants to strap up and rip on the venus fly trap finger that LRG feel to it.
Keep it up...i want to buy one to hang on my wall....